Reducing methane emission from dairy production in Twente – 2

Our project team has designed practical, profitable and useful strategies for methane emission reduction on farm-level in Twente. We formulate measures in a systematic, precise and factual manner for high-quality flowcharts / factsheets, ranging from analysing roots of methane emission and needs and interests of relevant stakeholder in Twente, conducting literature studies, executing multi-criteria analysis and providing questionnaires. Our project team embraced the uncertainty from the complexity and diversity of wide range actor perspectives in order to help us validating feasible solutions to be implemented for Twente.

We considered the usefulness of the flowchart for Mineral Valley Twente and farmers when formulating what to do and which stakeholders can be contacted to answer the farmer’s needs at each step in the flowchart. Our project team emphasises on integrative and collaborative work amongst Mineral Valley Twente, farmers and other stakeholders to deal with methane issue. This gives the freedom for farmers to decide which measures that they want to implement on their farm.