RUMORE – Monitoring our projects

Which projects are we working on with RUMORE? Wich goals did we want to achieve and where are we with them?
After three years and a half and one and a half to go, we have completed the execution of our three action plans. Now it’s time to determine the output of all the actions made. We use that as input for possible changes in our approach in order to reach the project’s objectives.

1. The Power of Green Knowledge Portal
The foundation Green Knowledge Portal Twente (GKT) connects regional matters with educational needs in order to create, share and work with new knowledge. She was set up by the foundating Green Metropolis Twente, with the intention that GKT would focus on the educational developments. Their joint aim is to stimulate regional economy by encouraging local and regional actors to innovate and work together.
The issues GKT was facing, is that she wished to be more explicit to the outside world about her position, in relation to the GMT, as well as the added value of her working methods. This project aims to impact A) investment for growth and jobs programme en B) other regional development policy instrument. Two of the actions were conducting an evaluation of GKT’s structure by an external party and to request feedback from stakeholders about GKT’s position and structure. After applying this valuable information and advise, we experienced positive results.

GKT has acquired two new board members and that can be considered as an innovation in the field of Branding, as these members add valuable expertise and network to GKT. This professionnalisation will hopefully result in high-impact projects contributing to the development of the region. Also, the board is working on a strategic plan, integrating the design of a Knowledge Agenda. This agenda is meant to ensure more continuity and stability for both educational institutions and GKT.

2. Transformation Green Metropolis Twente
Is already monitored.

3. Regional produced food in public institutions
The title states what we aim to reach with our project called Twente Canteen. We investigated the feasibility and desirability of selling a percentage of regional produced products in the canteen of public institutions. It appeared that public institutions welcome the idea as well as employees, provided that the price would not increase more than 10%. It seemed that an effecient distributionsystem is (still) one of the biggest challenges. One partner of us that pioneered in our region by distributing regionally produced products to restaurants and bars, has gone bankrupt during the execution of our actions. This made the urge for an academic research into logisitics stronger, so we were lucky that one student of the University of Twente was interested in conducting her final research with us.

The actions in phase 1 has developed our initial concept Twente Canteen into the ‘Seasoning of Twente’. This concept not only focusses on public institutions but also on part of the public by an online webshop and by a physical shop. At this moment, ideas for the webshop and physical shop are being developed but the wait is for the distributionsystem.