Stakeholdermeeting Green Knowledge Portal Twente – Green Metropolitan Twente

The stakeholders of the Green Knowledge Portal Twente within RUMORE, the program team of the Green Metropolitan Twente, came together on the 4th of December for a stakeholder meeting. The topic of the meeting was the study visit to Lüneburg and the last developments in the projects. Marianne van Delzen presented the outlines of the study visit to the stakeholders. The presentation was followed by a discussion about the subject.

Presented were the activities and projects that we visited in Lüneburg. One of the project is the future city 2030 where they developed solutions to manage future challenges. They now have seventeen good practises among which #DasRadBringts and #Ernährungsrat. In particular Ernährungsrat is a good example for the region of Twente. In this project there are producers who think together how they get there products at the consumers in that region quickly and efficient. One example is a weekly market in the heart of the city Lüneburg with only regional products. Also Wirgarten and ISI Buchholz were presented at the stakeholders. The last example is a start up centrum for companies in one of the smaller cities and villages in that region. Companies can rent a room for maximal five years, in the renting price is also extra support included and they can use the common room. In this way they gave more space on middle and small companies outside the city of Hamburg.

Question and debating the examples
The following question were asked:

  • The start-ups centre, is that interesting for the region of Twente?  Maybe in the small villages. Leader (Pop 3 program) is enthusiastic about this idea. It is already happening in Twente with offices, but not for the middle and small companies. They take the idea in to their meeting with their leading group.
  • The project about cooperation’s in food – is this project innovative for Twente?
    There are several projects in and outside Twente.  The project in the region Twente are smaller and not with a great amount of partners. Twente has a lot of small collaborations groups. The examples of Lüneburg are therefore good examples for Twente. Moreover we are going to use this example in our pilot project the Seasonings of Twente.
  • How can we collaborate more with educational institutes just like Lüneburg with the University of Leuphana?
    We have a strong collaboration with several educational institutes. This is mostly because organisations have questions for students. It is important that the programs of the educational institutions also deal with actuality in the region. Is it possible to organise a more structural and content program in rural development with the province of Overijssel, University of applied science and the University of Twente? Maybe also with some ‘green’ universities?

A very good meeting with some fruitful discussions. We have made specific agreements, especially on the collaboration with educational institutes. We also have made the agreement to look if we can collaborate with the project Ernahrungsrat in our project the seasonings of Twente.

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