Stakeholder meeting for European project RUMORE

The stakeholders from the Green Knowledge Portal Twente within RUMORE – the program team of the Green Metropolitan Twente – came together on the 10th of April for a stakeholder meeting. The reason for the meeting was our study visit to Thessaloniki. During the meeting the study visit and learning points were summarised.

The presentation began with our movie of RUMORE. The Green Knowledge Portal Twente is responsible for the development of this movie and wanted to see and hear the reactions of our stakeholders. Because it has to be informative and fun to watch. The reactions were generally enthusiastic and we get also some points for improvement.

The common thread in the movie is the cooperation between all the partners in the regions of RUMORE. Everyone is searching for stable and future-proof partnerships. This was also reflected in the discussion round. Are there good examples for us? Can we also learn from their lessons learned? Is there more information about these projects?

We have a few processes related to collaboration in Twente on an area or subject, such as ‘Twentse Canteen’ and the ‘seasonings of Twente’. This is similar with the processes of Lunenburg, Amsterdam and Greece. Is it possible to learn more from each other’s experiences? We created an one pager of our project ‘the Twentse canteen’, is it possible that the other partners make also a one pager of their good practises? A kind of stepping stone paper?

A couple of stakeholders were so enthusiastic about this topic that they want to join our work group Agro & Food. There will be a first session in the common weeks.