Green Knowledge Portal Twente participates in the international partnership project Interreg 5C

Interreg Europe monitoring committee has approved the project RuralUrban Partnerships Motivating Regional Economies (RUMORE). The Green Knowledge Portal Twente will team-up with eight partners across five countries in Europe to improve policies in the field of regional innovations strategies by facilitating rural-urban cooperation and partnerships.

There is a huge potential for growth and job creation but it is currently unused. This is due to the link between the rural and urban areas. There are innovative ideas with great potential in both the rural and urban areas, but the partnerships between those areas are not always apparent. Therefore, ideas cannot unfold their full spectrum and chances.

RUMORE aims at tackling this problem via improved RuralUrban partnerships. The partnership consists of eight partners in five countries. The experiences of the different partners will be shared in the so called Learning Events. All learned lessons can be implemented in the own region.

The Green Knowlegde Portal Twente (GKT) is one of the eight partners in the project. In the three active years of the project, the GKT aims at setting up six Innovation Labs that contribute to creating new food products, innovation in the region, job creation or improving and stimulating local partnerships.